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Three Ring Cartography and Three Ring Circuits

Electronic Circuit, Product, and System Design Consultant
Providing electronic design, analysis, and problem solving for clients in the fields of
computers, communications, and industrial control.
Microprocessor-based product design
Industrial data acquisition and control
High-speed parallel/pipelined image processing logic
Low-power handheld instruments
Switchmode and linear power supplies
Design reviewing for reliability and manufacturability
Thermo Fisher:        Lazarus Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscope (2015): project electronic design consultant
Diopsys:                  Ganzfeld Vision Tester LED Driver (2015): Altera CPLD, AHDL, analog, switchmode
Roche Diagnostic:      Precision LED driver for blood analyzer (2014): dsPIC 33EP256, analog, switchmode         
Natus:                    A3i Infant Hearing Screener Redesign (2013): Altera FPGA, VHDL, switchmode, analog
HSDna:                   Axeos Electro-Discharge Weapon (Taser) Tester (2012): Altera CPLD, AHDL, BeagleBone
                             processor, Cuk converter, high voltage, switchmode supplies, analog
Omnyx:                  Advanced I/O Board (2011): Altera FPGA, VHDL, USB 3.0, switchmode supplies, analog
Primera Biosystems:  Precision thermal cycler (2006): USB DAQ, thermistors, TEC drivers, analog I/O
Nova Tech. Corp.:    Xscale Medical Probe (2005-2006): PXA270, Flash, LCD, USB, IRDA
IDEXX Laboratories:  Aquamarine ICS Processor for veterinary blood analyzer (2005-2006): MC9328MX21,
Flash, SDRAM, LCD, Touch, CAN, USB OTG, Ethernet
Avici Systems:          OC-768 to four OC-192 line card (2005-2006) SERDES, SONET framer
Avici Systems:          Flint bay controller (2002-2003) MPC860, Flash, EDO DRAM, Ethernet
Avid Technology:      Suzy (M-JPEG) & Muppet (MPEG3) video compression engines
AET:                      AET 816 series of building automation controllers
Cytyc:                    C3 high-speed cytology image processor (6.25 ns per pixel)
Flavors:                  PIM industrial multiprocessing system (5 68030s/board)
Itran:                     Industrial vision controllers & programmers
Lights Sync:             Humphrey stage lighting dimmer (AC/DC MOSFET PWM)
Termiflex:               HT3 - HT12 handheld alphanumeric control/display terminals
12/75 - Present        Three Ring Circuits             Owner/Principal Engineer
11/73 - 12/75          Termiflex Corporation         Project Engineer
10/71 - 10/73           Gordon Engineering Co.      Engineer
 6/70 - 9/71             Bedford Associates Inc.        Engineer
Education:                BSEE 6/70 - MIT, Cambridge, Mass.
Certification:             NH Registered Professional Engineer # 4419 ELTR since 3/79
U.S. Patents:            Handheld terminal, Sequence controller, MOSFET dimmer, Computer telephone