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Three Ring Cartography and Three Ring Circuits


Peakbagging is the sport of climbing every mountain peak above a certain elevation in a particular State or area.

2015 saw me finally reach Liberty Cap on Mt. Rainier, completing the Contiguous USA (actually the Lower 49) 14ers, 13,8ers, and the Hundred Highest. I am apparently the third person on record to complete the Hundred Highest. I thought I had sworn off starting new peakbag lists, but Bob Packard (the guy who finished the 100 first) sent me the list of the 200 Highest, and I now have only two to go! He has only one peak to go on that list but is retiring from that quest, so I have a chance to be the first...

Lists Nearing Completion

Colorado 13,600-Footers and Bicentennials (200 Highest): Need Coxcomb Peak
USA Lower 49 State Highpoints: Need Connecticut (I won't be going to Denali)
USA Lower 49 200 Highest: Need Black Kaweah and Fremont Peak

Lists Completed

Contiguous USA 14,000-Footers: Summer
USA Lower 49 100 Highest: Summer
USA Lower 49 13,800-Footers: Summer
USA Lower 49 150 Highest: Summer
California 14,000 Footers: Summer
California 13,700 Footers: Summer
Colorado 14,000 Footers: Summer
Colorado 13,800 Footers and Centennials (100 Highest): Summer
New England 4000-Footers: Summer and Winter
New England 100 Highest: Summer and Winter
New Hampshire 4000-Footers: Summer, Winter, Every month of the year ("The Grid"), at Midnight, and at Midnight in Winter
New Hampshire 100 Highest: Summer
New York Adirondack 46 High Peaks: Summer and Winter
New York Catskill 3500-Footers: Summer and Winter
New York State Fire Tower Challenge